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WE WILL BE CLOSED BEGINNING SATURDAY NOVEMBER 18TH UNTIL NOVEMBER 25TH GIVING THANKS AND PREPARING FOR OUR HUGE SALE ON Small Business Saturday (November 25th) from 12-8pm We will  be filled to the rafters with new products and sales and all kinds of fun holiday treats! 

Don’t stop creating!

The state of Florida funded an online instructional module, “Physics and Its Influence on Culture and Society.” We were happy to help teach the portion pertaining to textiles, and are excited to share the whole series with you! All 5 episodes can be found by clicking here, and be sure to check out the textiles episode below to see some familiar barn yarn faces! Thanks to Beth Ruchlin Managing Producer and her team of professionals!

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EWE CLUB: Please check class page for information about our new day and time for Ewe Club  and how you can be a part of helping our local food pantry!


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